Great Oakes Mfg. Co. primitive Egg scale / scales / grader

This antique Oakes Manufacturing Company Inc. Tipton Ind. No: 20-S egg scale is in full working condition. It is guaranteed an old one, it is cleaned and repaint. The top line shows Doz. from 18 to 30 Oz. The bottom line shows Ea. from 1 1/2 oz. to 2 1/2 oz. Mint condition.

Price: SOLD
Item: HG_02091

More Pictures:

HG_02091_a_egg scaleHG_02091_b_egg scaleHG_02091_c_egg scaleHG_02091_d_egg scaleHG_02091_e_egg scaleHG_02091_f_egg scale

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